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  • Wed, Dec.21 2011 Monarch Travel Commerce – Delivered By Navitaire (via Colt Cooper)At the end of last month, Monarch Airlines switched on Navitaire’s Travel Commerce product to sell car hire in their SkySales booking path.  The article mentions that Monarch is the first carrier to use Travel Commerce in the European region.  Along with it being a first for Monarch, it was also a first for myself in working [...] more
  • Sun, Oct.16 2011 PassengerContact Page SlowdownBack in 2006 when I was developing a customized solution for SkyBus, I was alarmed at the time it took for SkySales to initialize itself when it reached the passenger / contact page. On further investigation, I found that the call to the ResourceCache to get a list of countries and states was the culprit. [...] more


I am a freelance consultant who is well-versed in Navitaire's New Skies reservation system.  Over the years, it has been my pleasure to assist airlines with challenges related to New Skies.