Global Reach

Navitaire's New Skies system has been adopted by airlines worldwide.  I provide products and services that are valuable to the needs of carriers regardless of the locale.


  • Revenue
    Specializing in revenue generating solutions, I am consistently able to mold Navitaire's reservation system to incorporate high-value business processes
  • SkySales
    Offering SkySales development capabilities that enhance out-of-the-box and outside-the-box business needs
  • Departure
    Control Systems
    Providing alternative DCS solutions for customized business processes at the airport
  • SkySpeed
    Enhancing the capabilities of SkySpeed and other Navitaire user interfaces is entirely possible
  • Configuration
    Available now is a tool for managing the settings between multiple New Skies environments

    PDF DocumentSettings Manager Brochure  (7 MB)

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